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Handwork Department!

JPS Ltd has a specialist hand work department that tackles the work that machines cannot cope with. We have an experienced team which can handle very small work, or very large! The services this department tackles are:

  • Labelling

This can be used to label over information on the carton that had been misprinted (e.g. incorrect ingredients or barcodes) to rectify, rather than discard, cartons.
We also do large quantities of promotional labelling by hand, this can also be done on our labelling machines, if large quantities are needed quickly.

  • Gluing Cartons

The team can glue up a variety of styles of cartons, whatever the size.
Also if only a small quantity is needed then the handwork department can complete this rather than the machine, as a cost and time saving alternative.

  • Hot Melt

The team have experience of using hot melt guns on large quantities of cartons.

  • Pick and Place

The specialised team can also window cartons by hand, either for small quantities or due to a need for thicker and/or creased film.
We are happy to advise on, and supply, the windowing material.

  • Taping

The team have experience of efficiently applying tape to large quantities of cartons.

  • Other
We have done a wide variety of other hand work, such as shrink wrapping, collation, sorting or assembly of products. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any queries

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